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Birth preparation classes for women choosing a caesarean section

High Quality    |    Expert-Led    |    Evidence- based

The Maternity Collective provides expectant parents with comprehensive antenatal and birth preparation classes in Exeter and the surrounding area, delivered by qualified clinicians practicing in the NHS. 

are you planning an elective caesarean section and don't need labour and birth information but still want to attend antenatal classes?

         then this is the course for you!








Whats included?

​Detailed Pregnancy and Birth Coverage: 

  • Late pregnancy and preparing for birth

  • Signs of labour

  • Caesarean Section - Elective and Emergency 

  • Immediately after birth

  • Your recovery after delivery

  • Pelvic floor exercises 

  • Your emotional wellbeing

​Detailed Newborn Period Coverage: 

  • Baby care, including changing, dressing and bathing

  • Feeding - breast and bottle

  • In depth session on establishing breastfeeding and milk supply

  • Positions and Technique

  • Recognising babies cues

  • Identifying if baby getting enough milk

  • Managing possible issues, tips for success

  • Where to go for help

  • Co-founder of the Holistic Sleep Coaching and specialising in gentleness, connection and responsiveness - Newborn Sleep and Bonding Masterclass

  • Baby first aid - managing emergencies such as seizures, choking, resuscitation and what to do if your baby is unconscious including practice on manikins

  • Your babies development

  • Immunisations

  • Identifying and recognising if you baby is unwell

  • When to call GP/attend hospital

No hidden costs: price includes birth partner, all expert-led sessions and course material

face to face course on hold currently in light of covid-19 pandemic - please see online antenatal class section for comprehensive online course to undertake in the safety of your own home 

We want to provide you with the best quality of antenatal and postnatal care that you and your baby deserve. That's why our courses are taught by a range of specialists to ensure you are always provided with up-to date information based on real-life experience. 

This package is specifically designed for couples who are planning an Elective Caesarean Section and therefore do not need labour and vaginal birth information, but would still like to attend group antenatal classes. Regardless of your chosen mode of delivery it is important you have access to high quality antenatal classes. 

Couples attending this course will join the group 3 hours into the standard 12 hour program, still plenty of time to make friends and cover all the important aspects of becoming parents. You will cover Elective and Emergency Caesarean Section (incase you go into labour before your operation date), including how to prepare, how to create a positive Caesarean birth environment and surgical recovery. Regardless of your chosen mode of delivery it is important you feel supported with your newborn and into adjusting to new family life therefore this course provides you with the same sessions as anyone planning a vaginal birth, covering all aspects of maternal postnatal period and newborn care. This course will include sessions delivered by our midwife, obstetrician, lactation consultant, newborn sleep specialist and paediatrician.

Collectively, we have experience in all areas of labour, birth, delivery and newborn care and we don’t mind if you want to choose a homebirth or Elective Caesarean Section or if you would prefer to breast or bottle feed your baby, we just want to help support you in making the right choices for you and your baby. All of our sessions are aimed at ensuring you have the tools to approach parenthood confidently and empowered with knowledge. 

Why choose us?

Antenatal classes often focus specifically on normal labour and low risk care however, we want to go further and ensure all types and modes of delivery are covered as unfortunately pregnancy can be unpredictable and it is important you are prepared for every eventuality.

What makes us different?

The antenatal education and class market is an unregulated area, meaning that the information provided to you could be biased and factually incorrect. It is often not uncommon that the person leading the class has not seen a birth or cared for women in labour and may only be a specialist in one particular field of maternity care. This is where The Maternity Collective is special and what sets us apart from the majority of the other antenatal class providers. Take a look at our 'Meet the Team' page for a full description of our individual qualifications and accreditations. 

Additionally, unlike other course providers we have designed our course to meet everyone's needs so even if your not planning a vaginal birth or you've had a baby before and would like more expert advice this time we have a course for you! See separate course pages.

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